Pitch Your Project for Students

Do you have a (graduation) project that you would like to develop further with external money (for example by applying for a subsidy from a fund or crowdfunding)? Register now for Pitch Your Project for Students and take the next step!

Do you meet our conditions? Then we support you with:

  • A fund scan
  • A personal consultation about preparing an application or crowdfunding campaign
  • A practice pitch with feedback from experts

After your participation in Pitch Your Project for Students, you are better prepared for submitting your application or starting your own crowdfunding campaign.

Questions? Mail anna.lynnloois@hku.nl


Between May and July, experts will guide you through your application or crowdfunding campaign.


For everyone who graduates in June 2023.

What do you receive if your project idea is approved?

  • One fund scan to explore suitable funding
  • One individual consultation with an expert on how to prepare an application or crowdfunding campaign
  • One practice pitch with expert feedback


Do you want to participate? First, check whether you meet the conditions:

  • You will graduate in 2023
  • Your idea is sufficiently developed. Only then does it make sense to get started with external financing.

Want to apply?

Register by making a video pitch of at least 80 and at most 180 seconds, in which you tell and/or show:

  • What your (graduation) project is about
  • What kind of step you would like to take with your project after or around your graduation period (for example: exhibiting somewhere, a performance, or collaborating with a party outside HKU)
  • Who else is participating in this project and who has what role


The HKU X team assesses whether your project has been developed sufficiently to qualify for external financing in the short term and thus whether it is a good idea to participate in Pitch Your Project for Students. Are you rejected? Then you will receive feedback on your application.

Deadlines and schedule

  • March to May: Spring program & Lunch lectures HKU X, about crowdfunding and funds/subsidies
  • 15 March to 21 April: Application form open
  • 30 April: Selection announced
  • May to June: Fund scans, consultations, and practice pitches in collaboration with experts

Questions? Mail project leader Anna Lynn Loois via anna.lynnloois@hku.nl.